I am sooooo much trouble.

I haven’t posted in well let see…forever. My brief hiatus from blogging after VBS turned into a full blow vacation. A lot of fun stuff has been happening and I hope to post it all in more detail soon.


Entering the Kingdom

I cannot believe that VBS starts tomorrow! You would think that since its the day before, I would’ve been running around getting last minute details sorted. But noooo this girl here has some pretty awesome friends that gave up their Friday night so I could have a Saturday. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve worked on VBS stuff, but I also was able to catch some sun and a nice dip in the pool too.

I had a lot of traffic, response, comments and repins to my post on How to Hide a Drum Cage that I would post all the other cool stuff out Kingdom offers.

You can’t enter the kingdom unless you enter in the castle doors:


We did three types of castle doors around the Kingdom. The first type of “wood” we used came from Group. The paper was called wood corabuff. It was really thick and somewhat heavy. We are hoping that the Alabama humidity doesn’t weaken the tape that we used to hang it with. The guys hung the corabuff then went around the edges of the corabuff with black duct tape. We then used black poster board and cut out the hinges and door handles.

The guys did a fantastic job didn’t they?

The next type of “wood” was used by Ms. Gayla, the Queen of our Kingdom Kitchen. We could not completely cover this door as this door was on of the exits of the building. The paper we used was very thin, like wrapping paper. We purchased it from Davie’s School Supply here in Anniston. I am sure that you can get this from any sort of school supply near you. Ms. Gayla did great job on the kitchen as well.


The final type of door that we made was a portcullis. I did not take a close up picture of this one. I wished I would have. Our Children’s Minister made several of these. I did one and after an intense battle with duct tape, I surrendered. I did okay making the long strips but the smaller strips were difficult to connect. This is a picture from our FunShop but you can see the portcullis hanging in the background.

Photo courtesy of Kim King

Photo courtesy of Kim King

Kingdom Rocks

It’s that time of year again…VBS. So please excuse me while I take this little hiatus from blogging. Not that I am a stickler for blogging on a regular basis but you know.

My BFF and I lead VBS at our church. No matter how stressed out we get, we are truly blessed each year to get to see little kids grow in Lord. This year I did something a little crazy. I posted a picture of our set design on Pinterest and boy has it been a hit. There is a secret to how to get your set to look this nice and here it is…

How to have a fabulous set design at VBS – get someone more creative than yourself and put them in charge. Yes folks, that is the secret. Our children’s minister, Mrs. Sherry has one of the most creative minds that I know. Each year she takes what is given and grows it into a beautiful work of art. This year she enlisted the help of Mr. TJ to help with some little hiccups on the set. You see our church has an awesome praise band (which I am blessed to be apart of, but that is not why its awesome), but as you know, any awesome band has a drum set. Well our drum set comes with a full fledge case that helps with the sound. The draw back, our drum case has become a permanent fixture to our set. So each year we have to incorporate the case, or hide it in some way.


So here is our drum case at Kingdom Rock. TJ did a fantastic job on this. You see the castle walls are card board boxes painted to match the arches that we made. For the sides, we just stacked the boxes on top of each bother duct taping them together as they got taller. On the top of the castle wall, he anchored all of the boxes by cutting out a piece of each box and inserting a small rectangular box through it. I didn’t take a picture of this, but it’s put together much like marshmallows on a stick just before you stick it in a campfire. To really shield the drums, we added two of the portcullis that you make from just plain old duct tape. We then inserted the flags on top and shazam…you have successfully hidden a drum case.

Now here’s where you can take note. Make sure that your flags do not weight a lot. The flags here took a tumble a couple of days later, taking the sides and part of the arches with it. Thankfully some duct tape and zip ties fixed everything, but it was a lesson learned.

Here are some other pictures of our VBS set.



The “C” Word

I live in a pretty smal town. I went to an even smaller high school. You really didn’t have to worry about being popular, because we all knew each other. Miranda Lambert could have penned the song Everyone Dies Famous In a Small Town, about my neck of the woods. So when you go out with someone new, break up with someone, or get attacked by the occasional goose, everyone knows about it. It’s the downside of living in a small town. Everyone knows everyone’s business ~ the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Recently, the ugly “C” word has popped up in my life again. Cancer. It’s a brutal, nasty, horrible disease. I’ve lost many people that I love in my life to cancer, my aunt, my uncle, and too many friends. Cancer doesn’t discriminate. It attacks the young (the most recent, a small 6 month old child in my town) and the seasoned (my grandmother in South Dakota).

There is something that this “C” word cannot claim victory over. The zeal of humanity. In the last few weeks, I have seen the hearts of this small town open up, and love on its inhabitants. I’ve seen prayer in words and love in action. You see the good thing about this small town where everyone knows you, they love you and pray for you like you are family. Because isn’t that what community is about?

We had our local Relay for Life this past weekend. We gathered to remember those who have passed from this horrible disease, prayer for those battling it, and celebration for those who have overcame it.

Look at all the lanterns that were lit in memory and celebration.


The challenge issued this year at Relay was to do something to combat this disease. What are you doing?

Hello my name is….

I am happy to say that I am still “on the wagon.” Back in February, I posted that it had been 33 days since I had a sip of Dr. Pepper.  Well folks, its been a few days since then and I still have not had that wonderful…23 flavors of pure delight.  

Does time make it better? Absolutely not.  I could so down one in less than 23 seconds.  


So a week or so ago I decided to blurt out to Facebook and the world that I was going to participate in my very first 5k.  A week or so ago getting splattered with color after participating in a running event sounded like a great idea.  Don’t get me wrong it was and still is.   It’s funny how something instantly changes your perspective on how you view your life.  For me, something clicked.  I don’t want to be the same girl I’ve always been so I decided to make some changes about it.

It’s funny how in the past week or so, I’ve committed myself to participating in two 5k races without putting on a pair of running shoes.   So what does a non-runner do after biting off a bit more than she can chew?  Consult with several running buddies, of course. Now, I have quickly became knowledgable in beginning running.  Well maybe not, but it sounds good.  First bit of advise, find a partner.  Check, my BFF Kim was quick to respond yes.  Which is really good, because she owed me from the “gentle yoga” debacle.  Second, make sure you get fitted for a good pair of shoes.  Last time I checked, they didn’t make flip flops that were suitable for my plantar fasciiatis ridden feet.  So off to Fleet Feet we went and I got these stylish and super comfy Brooks tennis shoes.  Funny, Kim was fitted for the exact same pair.


The final piece of advice, find a plan and stick to it.  So tonight was day one of couch to 5k.  I’m still in couch mode.  My legs burn like crazy and tomorrow when I go upstairs at work tomorrow, I am sure that I am going to curse myself for doing this. Picking out the shoes was definitely more fun.  Am I going to stop?  No.  Will I go out tomorrow and do it all again?  Probably not, but I will be doing it again before the week is out, and again and again.

So back to this second 5k.  I couldn’t make that wouldn’t pass it up for a million bucks.  It will actually be my first 5k and my goal is simple.  No PR, no time.  My goal is this…finish.  Remember, my perspective has changed.  Actually of lot of people’s perspective has changed in the last few weeks.  This 5k is for a high school friend of mine’s son.  He was recently diagnosed with eye cancer a 6 months old.  I am sure Missy and her family’s perspective has changed in the last few weeks.  I would guess that their summer vacation isn’t as important as what it was a few weeks ago.  Picking out her son’s clothes quickly changed into picking a battle plan for his young life.

So please keep the Wagoner family in your prayers.  Tomorrow this little guy starts chemotherapy at St. Jude’s.  This family I am sure would appreciate your prayers.  Then do something that you wouldn’t normally do, sign up for a 5k to help little Thompson.  If this couch potato can do it, so can you.

To follow little Thompson’s journey check out Team Thompson on Facebook.

For information on the Glow Dash 5k check out the Glow Dash for T-Nash page on Facebook or go to http://www.active.com to register.

Color Me Crazy

If you know me have met me, you know right off the bat, I am not the poster child for exuberant health.  I eat my veggies, but when it comes to the exercise I fall short of doing what you are supposed to do.  To my credit, I have tried.  I tried “gentle yoga” once.  There was nothing gentle about it.  I ended up doing two-a-days with my chiropractor for nearly a month.

That being said, it is still no excuse.  I must do something about my lack of physical activities.  I saw something the other day that looked absolutely positively fun….a color run.  So color me crazy but I am going to do a 5K in September.  I have many Facebook friends that are avid runners, and I wish that I could have outlet to relieve stress.  So my three readers, hold me accountable, and make sure that in September I get a little color in my life.

To Sum It Up


I apologize if what I am about to write makes you sound or feel a little seasoned in life. My Co-worker just gave me an adding machine. My limited knowledge of how an adding machine works was as a small child. I would pound on my mother’s adding machine so that it could make a long list of numbers. I pretended to be an accountant. Proving my life as an only child was rather boring. Flash forward 30 years and other than adding a list of numbers I am still confused on how this contraption operates. This was something that I did not learn nor was it taught in high school. Give me time and a calculator, and I can solve many of math’s most difficult problems. Now back to this machine. What is the * used for? How come the + and the = sign are on the same button? What if you want to add, then subtract, then divide, add again, then multiply? How accurately does that work? Where does the * come in? Why is it called a machine and not a calculator?

So rather than admit to someone that I didn’t know to operate the machine, I gracefull took it, then accidently hit the ream of paper on the machine and watched said paper roll down the hallway. Lesson learned today. (1) Watch where you are going. (2) Just because you think know what the actual function of a piece of equipment is doesn’t mean that is actual function of the machine.

Canning & Coffee

Canning and Coffee.  It’s not the most glamorous duo out there, peas and carrots, milk and honey, pb and j, faketella and waffles, these all beat canning and coffee hands down, or do they?

The night started out simple enough. Dinner with friends at the Mexico Lindo, where I was apparently training for an upcoming fast or last meal.  After I rolled out of dinner, my best friend and I took off to do what we do best…shop.

After a quick run to Hobby Lobby…we headed off to Target, to our next favorite stop, Starbucks.

ImageThese are my ubber cute jars that I bought to use as canisters.

After purchasing our cup of joe we carried the conversation to a more comfortable, peaceful area…the patio section.

Never would I have ever thought that a more fun evening could be had sitting in the middle of target, under an umbrella sipping coffee.


I failed to order the coffee decaff. So alas, it’s 1 am and I am wide awake. So what’s a girl to do? Lay awake and watch infomercials? No, I decided to do something new, something I have never done before but yet is a right of passage for any self-respecting southern lady. I took to the kitchen to can. Yes folks, that’s right. I canned for the very first time in my life!

Okay, I will be honest. I technically didn’t can the “hard stuff”. No pectin, boiling of lips and lids were needed. Just a plan good old fashioned pickling took place tonight.



So it’s not pickles, but it’s pickled onions a/k/a turnip green’s bff.  So I don’t really know how these will turn out until later on tomorrow.  But I cannot tell you how excited to say that I can check off canning on my bucket list.  If they do turn out, I will post the link to the blog where I got the recipe.  Now off to force myself to sleep……zzzzzz

33 days and counting….

Have you ever had a relationship with someone or something that you can’t won’t give up?  You struggle daily wanting to be with it, hold it, admire it, partake in it, or in my my case take a big gulp of?  No mom, I am not talking about a man.  I am talking about my love for the Dr.  Dr. Pepper that is.  It’s been 33 very very long and sometimes extremely painful days without my love.  Hi, my name is Stacy and I am addicted to Dr. Pepper. 

It’s been 33 days since I had my last sip of the Pepper.  I think if I would have known that my last Dr. Pepper would have been my last, I would have opted for the liter size instead of the 20 ounce.  I haven’t fallen off the wagon yet, however, after dealing with clients, co-workers and stress in general, my resistance is weak.   Ok my resistance is really really weak, especially since this weekend I will be celebrating my 25th birthday – again.

Have any of you out there permanently purged Coke (that’s Southern for Coke, Pepsi, Dr. Pepper, Mt. Dew, Sprite, etc.)?  If you have I need your help to not fall off the wagon.